Welcome to my website.  I will be keeping you apprised of my exhibitions, publications, and lectures on this Home Page. My Journal page features my current work in progress, sketchbook entries, images from travels, research snippets, and everyday reflections.

The Pandemic year 2021 was one of extreme productivity. Sheltering in place afforded me endless time in my studio to work on a new series of sculptures. Please check out this work by clicking on Endangered Series on my Collections Page. Unfortunately there was a snafu on my creative journey that temporarily moved me in another direction. I’ve added details and images on my Journal Page.

We are well into the 2022 and it’s finally spring! It’s been a Herculean effort to stay above the waves of turbulence and sadness in the world, Ukraine, the United States, my community, and my personal life. My daily art practice is grounding and affords me a way to balance my inner and outer worlds.

I am delighted to announce that I will have a solo exhibition at the Detroit Contemporary gallery. The exhibition is scheduled to open on September 3. My artist page can be accessed at https://www.detroitcontemporary.com/aaron-taylor. The gallery exhibition schedule is https://www.detroitcontemporary.com/exhibitions.

I am fortunate to have some of my sculptures represented by Form & Concept gallery in Santa Fe. A collection of my work can be seen on line at  https://www.formandconcept.center/artists/susan-aaron-taylor/. Director Jordan Eddy conducted an in depth interview with me several months ago that is available at:  https://www.formandconcept.center/blog/58/  You can access the gallery homepage at https://www.formandconcept.center/  Form & Concept is a wonderful gallery with friendly, astute, energetic staff members and a talented group of artists.

My Black Footed Ferret and Wild African Painted Dog appeared in the Michigan Fine Arts Competition at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. The show was juried by gallerist David Lusk. I am honored to have received the Corrinne Maillard Robinson Award for my Black Footed Ferret.

Despite Covid and an unexpected accident, this has been a fertile time for me artistically. I am most grateful for the abundant gifts the universe has provided and look forward to what is revealed to me in the year ahead. I continue to gather powerful new insights during this unusual time and continue to make art every day because that is what brings me joy.  I remain hopeful for the future.

Blessings and be well!