Each morning I seek the inner gift of dreams and bring them to the surface. This dream world is ephemeral and fragile: The outer world is overwhelmingly structured “inner/outer.

My Dreamscape narratives are terrains of the psyche. Every decoded message balances inner and outer imagery. These hard, wooden anatomies are covered by tautly pulled, sewn, hand-made felt armor. This second skin buffers and protects, insuring the encounter with the outer world is less shocking and more harmonious.

Sleep brings body into balance:

Dream brings psyche into balance.
– Marion Woodman,
Jungian Analyst

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My dreams have been sourcing my creative life for over three decades. I continue to delight in discovering thier essence, distilling and then sharing that one magical moment. My goal is to create clear, psychologically charged vignettes. Metaphors are the language of the dream and of the soul. My dreams are a gift. I play with my dream symbols as I embrace and tease out images from my unconscious that inspire and bring forth poignancy, humor and meaning.

“You can say that each ladle full of the water of life is a dream. That’s what a dream is. Every night, we get a sip of the water of life, and, if we understand the dream, we are vivified.”

– Marie-Louise von Franz, in Fraser Boa,
The Way of the Dream

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My Endangered Series portrays amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles that are at critical risk due to rapidly disappearing environments and other threats. Wild habitats crucial to their survival are being destroyed. Many of these species are also menaced by poachers, animal predators, and big game hunters seeking exotic trophies.

This emergency has moved me to create sculptures of animals threatened with extinction. The goal is to make viewers aware of these rapidly disappearing species, and to encourage the critical support needed to stop these tragic losses.

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The imagery for my sculpture is sourced by shamanic journeys and dreams. Dream revelations reflect the universal as well as what is happening in my inner world. Shamanic journeys take me to non-ordinary reality, the Upper, Lower and Middle Worlds, and all that exists there. Trees, rocks, plants, animals, insects, etc. are all living beings and have spirits. In shamanic travel I visit these non-ordinary worlds returning to connect what is revealed in the non-ordinary with the ordinary via the web of life.

Once the images are revealed to me, the prima material of wool fleece, bone, raw fiber, wood and stone along with shells, minerals, and metals join in a dance. My sculptures blend the physical and spiritual worlds creating a rhythm, balance, and harmony calling for the viewer to participate.

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We are born with a pure inner light, the soul, which connects the spirit and the body. But as we mature, the energy that fuels this inner light diminishes. Injury, shame, illness and stress all contribute to this loss. The connection between spirit and body weakens.

Soul Shards represent a gathering of these lost energies to regenerate and protect the power of the soul and re-embody these connections. The series chronicles the retrieval of these broken pieces of soul. Thin skins, shells, and wrappings define the sacred sweetness of body/matter. These Soul Shards are environments where the light of the soul illuminates the darkness of matter and reconnects it to spirit.

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My fascination with the teapot began with the tiny, delicate, china tea service from my childhood and tea parties with beloved dolls and plush animals. Of course there’s Alice’s eternal Wonderland party, which has evolved into gallons of tea and intimate conversations with a lifetime of confidants and that first solitary cup of green tea, the daily ritual greeting of the new day. My sculptural teapots are metaphorical, fanciful abstractions and adaptations of the traditional “teapot”. The inspiration for each piece begins with a dream, shamanic journey or life encounter. While my teapots have the functional features of hollow chambers, spouts, handles, and removable lids, they can only really be used for a return to those childhood tea parties where what was being served was imagination and wonder.

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