Teapot Series

My fascination with the teapot began with the tiny, delicate, china tea service from my childhood and tea parties with beloved dolls and plush animals. Of course there’s Alice’s eternal Wonderland party, which has evolved into gallons of tea and intimate conversations with a lifetime of confidants and that first solitary cup of green tea, the daily ritual greeting of the new day. My sculptural teapots are metaphorical, fanciful abstractions and adaptations of the traditional “teapot”. The inspiration for each piece begins with a dream, shamanic journey or life encounter. While my teapots have the functional features of hollow chambers, spouts, handles, and removable lids, they can only really be used for a return to those childhood tea parties where what was being served was imagination and wonder.

The Teapot Series is available for purchase. Please contact me directly for more information.