Sculptural Basketry Workshop with the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild

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I was recently invited by the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild to present a lecture on my Creative Process and to teach a mini and an extended sculptural basketry workshop in Rockville, Maryland. It was great fun. My students were creative, intense, dexterous, talented, and just terrific to teach. My four days with the group flew by. I look forward to receiving pics of the finished pieces.

Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center Solo Show

Installation pics of solo show at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center thanks to photographer extraordinaire Marilyn Zimmerwoman!

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Artist Statement

I have shied away from the word “retrospective” as it seems to imply that one is old or dead and at the end of a career. Yes, Infolding/Unfolding is an exhibit of work from over three decades. But, I am happier and more alive than I have ever been and just beginning a whole new chapter in my art career.

Infolding/Unfolding is curated by Amy Kantgias. These reliefs and sculptures blend my love of Jungian psychology, alchemy, dreams, tarot, ritual, mythology, and shamanism with matter.  My intense exploration of mediums and techniques over the years has given me the freedom to incorporate a wide range of materials in my work. Polymer, found wood, beads, plant material, birdseed, minerals, cactus, shells, bones, kozo fiber, adobe, glass, hog casing, fleece, feathers, wax, and metal have all been appropriated.

I am wildly excited about my new Threshold Series that melds handmade felt and needle felting with many of these materials. And still the common thread running through all my work is an In/folding/Unfolding of the spiritual and physical worlds to create autobiographical narratives where rhythm, balance, and harmony invite the viewer’s participation.

Video from the N’Namdi Center For Contemporary Art Opening Reception

Here is a brief video featuring Susan Aaron-Taylor from her Journeying Series opening reception in the Rose Gallery of the N’Namdi Center For Contemporary Art on June 12th, 2015.

Video from our opening reception on June 12. Don't forget to join us this Saturday, June 27 for Susan Aaron-Taylor's Artist Talk in the Rose Gallery! 2:00pm

Posted by N'Namdi Center For Contemporary Art on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Studio Pup!

On March 8th my husband, Harry and I adopted a 5 month old rescue husky and toy poodle puppy! I had been yearning for a studio companion for a while. Now I have Olive. We still have some training issues facing us but we are all up to the task. Olive is very smart, affectionate, and eager to please. Check out her mismatched eyes; one is blue and the other is blue and brown. Very special indeed!Olive_3

‘Guide’ in Progress

Guide is a power animal or guardian spirit. “In shamanic cultures, it is believed that when we are born, the spirit of at least one animal volunteers itself to protect and guide us throughout our life–this is our power animal. When a person is consciously aware of his or her power animal, it is possible to communicate with it directly and ask them for help and guidance within a shamanic journey. ” (Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic Journeying, A Beginner’s Guide)

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Teapots! 9th Invitational Exhibition

Soul Shell Teapot  is in Teapots! 9th Invitational at Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA.  The exhibition runs from April 10th-June13th. That’s my teapot on the invitation…second from the left on the top row! It should be a great show. I will be at the April 10th opening. Stop by and check out the show if you are in the area. Teapots! 9_Morgan_Contemp

'Soul Shell Teapot' 5"x9"x5", Shell, kozo fiber, geodes and jade beads, 2015
‘Soul Shell Teapot’ 5″x9″x5″, Shell, kozo fiber, geodes and jade beads, 2015


Golden Mantle

This piece came to me during a Soul Retrieval. Although I do not usually make ‘wearables” the Golden Mantle insisted on being created. The piece is about protection. It is constructed from handmade felt,  cabochons, and sea urchin spines. The interior is completely needle felted as is some of the outside. One of my former students, Nabeela Najaar, is modeling the mantle. Photos by Tim Thayer.

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